Cooperation with the travel blog Where is Evelyn?

My name is Ewelina Gac, and I am the author of the travel blog in English Where is Evelyn, and since 2015 the travel blog in Polish In Search of the End of the World.

I wrote a book “Tales from the End of the World” about the search for my place on earth: from studying in Turkey, Greece and the Czech Republic, working in the United States, or living in Hungary until returning to Poland.

I am a regular guest of national Polish media (TV, radio, magazines and portals) my stories have also been published in foreign media such as BBC News.

The blog features travel tips from places in Poland and all over the world. I write about how to prepare for a trip and interview expats and specialists. I reliably analyze the price of traveling on your own, describe countries not only from the side of tourist attractions, but also cultural, life abroad, local traditions.

Travel blog – how can we cooperate?

Here you will learn about how we can cooperate, both on the travel blog and in other forms.

We can collaborate on one or more of the following media:

- blog available at:,

- blog available at: – more than 100,000 readers per month in low season, about 200,000 readers in high season,

- Instagram as ewelina.gac – more than 53,000 followers ,

- Facebook as In search of the end of the world – more than 55,000 fans,

- Reels and stories, such as instastory ewelina.gac/Facebook accounts In Search of the End of the World,

- travel podcast in Polish available at this link, also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube,

- TikTok as ewelina.gac – more than 40,000 followers,

- I also participate in livestreams or author meetings online.

Examples of past collaborations

The materials created on the blog and social media are prepared diligently and carefully, so as to convey valuable information to my readers. The content I publish is based on my experience.

Within the framework of cooperation I presented places, tourist attractions, ways to spend free time (not only when traveling), recipes.

Opportunities for cooperation are many: I have co-created a calendar, reviewed equipment, made contests with a large reach.

Selected travel blog collaborations:

Switzerland in a week – what cities and places to discover by train? (collaboration with the Swiss Embassy)

A visit to the Game of Thrones studio in Northern Ireland: In the footsteps of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland (cooperation with the Ireland Tourism Board)

Where to eat in Olsztyn? Restaurants, cafes and local specialties (cooperation with the City of Olsztyn)

Why is it worth to have travel insurance? (cooperation with

Studying, working and traveling? It can be done! (cooperation with WSB Warsaw)

How to slow down in life? My recipe for slow life (cooperation with Nivea brand)

Cooperation with me offline

Cooperation outside my channels is also possible. I conduct author meetings or appear at travel festivals. At the same time, I run trainings and lectures about social media, for instance, for companies.

In 2022, even in the off-season, travel blog is visited by at least 100,000 users every month and generates more than 200,000 page views. For the summer 2022 season, I estimate readership at 500,000 page views per month.

One thing is certain, all visitors to my site are characterized by a desire to explore the world. They are people who love to explore new places. Not necessarily only on vacation, as they often enjoy weekend trips as well. They travel both through Poland and abroad.